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Windows 2000 – Administrative install problem

Windows 2000, Administrative install problem on certain networks

The EKITS Clock Designer will automatically attempt a default ‘per machine’ installation (ie, available for ALL users) if installed from a non-administrator account, or if restrictions have been placed on the user accounts, when attempting to run from a non-admin account, the installation may fail due to lack of permission.

In this case, the designer must be uninstalled, and reinstalled into a new, or fresh folder,
with the permissions forced using the following command lines :

Open a command prompt

Type ‘d:’ and press enter (if d: is the CD drive)

Type ‘msiexec /i fscommand\EKITSClockDesigner.msi ALLUSERS=1’ and press enter to install

When prompted for an install directory (by default will be Program files\EKITSClockDesigner),
either make sure this folder *DOES NOT EXIST*, or specify a new folder name, (eg: EKITSClockDesignerV4)