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Saving and Exporting your clock

Saving and Exporting your clock as a BMP

You can save your clock design for use at a later time by clicking the save button on the clock designer main menu. Clock designer will save your design in its native *ekf format

You can also export your design as a BMP, to do this click the Preview button –
The preview window allows you to export an image of your clock.

Click File then Export image to save your design as a windows bitmap file. Note your clock will be exported at the size of the preview window, this is shown in pixels at the top of the window. Simply increase or decrease the size of the window before exporting to get the size you want.

Where high quality is required always print directly from clock designer, exported bmp images are not intended for high resolution printing, but are ideal for use as a preview image.

You can also use Paint (included with Windows) to convert a BMP image into a JPEG, GIF or PNG Image if you prefer.