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Please close the CD/DVD Tray error Epson r200/r300 (+others)

When printing my clock design direct to CD/DVD Printer I get the error “Please close the CD/DVD Tray”
(Epson R200/R300, and other Printers capable of printing directly to Disc)

This error occurs when your inkjet printer is trying to print to paper in the sheet feeder rather than the CD/DVD printing tray. To solve the problem you need to make sure your printer is set to print to Manual (or CD/DVD Tray) not Sheet.

Solution 1
If you are experiencing this problem, continue as normal to print your clock then choose preferences and ensure your printer settings are ok and that it is set to print to the dvd/cd tray, then proceed to print your clock.

If you are still experiencing problems Try Solution 2…

Solution 2
Instead of changing your printer settings through Clock Designer, change your default printer settings. Go to the control panel in windows and open the printers section. Find the printer you are using (Actual screen shots will vary depending on your version of windows and printer)

Click the right mouse button over the printer and click Printing preferences from the popup.

Now make sure the source is set to print to the CD/DVD tray (Not Sheet),
and verify all your other settings are OK

Click OK to save your changes.

If your printer isn’t already set as the default printer,
Right click again on your printer selection and choose Set as the default printer.

Now make sure you have reset clock designer and printer and that your printer is online ready to print tothe cd/dvd tray (make sure you wait until the printer has finished its initial checks/cleaning and is online ready to print).

Clock designer should now print using these default settings, you can alter these at any time by repeating the process above.