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I’m finding it difficult to trim my design to fit the dial

To print your clock design to fit the mdf dial included in the e-kit you need to print your design at Medium size. You may find it useful to increase the scale slightly, to help when trimming the design to fit the dial. To do this, follow these steps;

  1. When clock designer is starting on your PC, click the setup button which appears briefly on the start up screen.
  2. Configure clock designer is now available from the File menu, click configure clock designer.
  3. From this window you can alter the print settings. Click the Print (Medium 170mm) tab. A scale of 100.5% will print your design slightly larger at 170.85mm, overlapping the dial and making it easier to cut without having white spaces. The print scale setting is preset to 100% or 100.5% depending on your software version. When you have made your changes click OK to return to the clock designer main window.