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Clock Designer

Design – print and build your own personalised clocks with Clock Designer 4

Featuring hundreds of designs to choose from and the ability to import your own photos. Now you can create your own truly individual, personalised clocks with ekits clock designer.

Examples of clocks made using this software

Using clock designer is a breeze, simply design and print your clock face with the software. Then build using your own choice of clock movement, dial and hands which are readily available from your ekits supplier or online. Assembly guide is included showing you how to complete the dial and assemble your clock!


  • Choose from 100’s of premium backgrounds, number styles, divisions and pictures.
  • Import your own images
  • One click clock – random clock designer
  • Full design controls
  • Print popular clock sizes on any paper, label or CD media, and at your own custom sizes
  • Works with any inkjet or laser printer
  • Quick start, design, print and assembly guides
  • Save and export your design

Making your Clock

Clock designer 4

This ekit™ includes clock designer 4, the latest version of our clock designer software. Featuring 150 extra designs and many other enhancements. Powerful and packed with features, it makes creating your clock a snap!

Clock designer screenshot

Ekits guide

The e-kits interactive CDRom is the hub of the e-kit. The guide automatically launches when you insert the CD. Here you can access all the features of the CD including;
• Install clock designer
• View the clock designer quick start and user guides
• Access clock and time worksheets (pdf format)
• View design, print and build guides.
• View video assembly guide

Flexible printing

Your not just constrained to printing standard sized clocks either. The clock designer software allows you to print your design at 3 preset sizes; Large, Medium, CD size as well as setting your own Custom print settings and you can even print directly onto printable cd’s. You can also choose to include guide marks, resize and offset your prints if you wish. And you don’t need any special paper or media, clock designer will work with any paper, label or direct cd printing that your printer uses.

Yellow green flower Clock


Here are some ideas and examples of what you can create using this e-kit…
Photo clocks – Add photos and images from your digital camera, scanner or computer.
Logo clocks – Use your logo and make your own company, organisation, association or school clock.
Charity clocks – Create your own range of clocks to sell and raise money for charity.
Gift clocks – Make a truly individual birthday or Christmas gift, and give a fantastic present for friends & family.
Clocks for any room – Because the clock designer has so many different styles of numbers, backgrounds and divisions you can design a clock to suit any room.
Unusual clocks – Design a clock without numbers? Or maybe one with just divisions. Design a clock with seconds instead of hours. It’s up to you. Millions of different combinations are possible!
Craft clocks – Create your own range of clocks and sell through your craft or art business.
Open the clock gallery -see over 40 different clocks made with this e-kit

” I am sure this package will become an integral part of your curriculum resources. “

The Times educational supplement

Site licence edition

This ekit is used throughout the educational world, particularly in design and technology and ICT. We offer a site licence version of this e-kit, which has everything the standard e-kit has. Plus an unlimited machine site licence for the software.

Computer requirements

Requires a Windows PC with Windows 10/8.1/8/7 /Vista/2000/XP and a minimum of 64Mb ram and 64Mb free HD space) and a printer

You’ll also need..

To build your clock you will need a clock mechanism, hands, dial and battery (sold separately)

Typical clock parts

Buying Options

Standard edition

Use clock designer on any one computer

Site licence edition

Choose this edition to install clock designer on multiple machines such as schools


You can visit one of our dealers (CD Versions only)

Also available

Prefer to design your clock manually?
Use our collection of clock designs in your favourite drawing/image software instead