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Can I print directly onto a printable CD using my Inkjet printer?

Yes, you can print your clock design directly onto a printable CD to create a CD Clock. To do this you must have a Printer capable of printing directly on the surface of a CD such as the Epson R200. You will also need to use special printable CD’s, you can’t use ordinary CDR’s as the ink will not fix to the surface.

There are two ways of doing this, You can use special CD Printing software supplied with your printer. To do this you need to export a bitmap of your finished clock design from the preview window and then import it into the CD Printing software.

However for best results, print directly from clock designer. To do this you will need setup clock designer and your printer driver to print at the correct size and in the correct position. As all printers vary we cannot give you specific instructions on but we can give you these tips.

  1. First of all, Read the Set up mode pages in the user guide.
  2. To configure the way clock designer prints, click on the setup button which is visible for a time on the splash screen. You will then be able to use the configure clock designer option in the file menu.
  3. Choose configure clock designer from the file menu and setup to suit your printer.
  4. You may need to experiment with several settings first, if you still have problems consult your printer manufacturer for further information.

Canon iP5200 printer Settings – Many thanks to Mike T. for sharing this

X Offset -40
Y Offset -2

Thanks to Paul, Michelle, Mike and Deb for sharing there settings for the Epson Stylus Printer series
(R200,R265,R300,R340 etc)

Our users have reported that different settings may be required even on the same printer models
Experiment with these settings and see which one suits your printer best.

Michelle’s Settings
X Offset -31
Y Offset -82

Mike’s Settings
X Offset =30
Y Offset =81
Scale =99% to 100%

Deb’s Settings
Use these settings in the print CD (120mm) tab to print directly onto CD/DVDs with
your Epson Printer

X Offset (mm) -29
Y Offset (mm) – 81
Scale can also be adjusted if required

Paul’s Settings
X offset minus -31
Y offset is minus -81
scale is set at 100%