Design and make your own clock


Design - print and build your own personalised clocks
with Clock Designer 4

Featuring hundreds of designs to choose from and the ability to import your own photos. Now you can create your own truly individual, personalised clocks with ekits clock designer.

Using clock designer is a breeze, simply design and print your clock face with the software. Then build using your own choice of clock movement, dial and hands which are readily available from your ekits supplier or online. Assembly guide is included showing you how to complete the dial and assemble your clock!




Example clock designs

See 40+ different clocks made with this e-kit
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Clock designer
Choose from 100's of premium backgrounds, number styles, divisions and pictures.
Import your own images
One click clock - random clock designer
Full design controls
Print popular clock sizes on any paper, label or
   CD media, and at your own custom sizes
Works with any inkjet or laser printer
Save and export your design
Advanced setup mode

Ekits guide
Auto launching on screen guide
Quick start, design, print and assembly guides
Video assembly instructions
Examples, hints and tips
Web links
Clock quiz

Improvements we've made since edition 3...

Make a clock - Easy as 123!

design it, print it, build it

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